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  School Staff List – September 2015

Principal   Mrs E Clarke      
Vice Principal   Mr J Parrish      
Assistant Principals   Mrs J Bell    SENCO   
    Mrs D Haydon      
Teaching Staff   Mr C Abell   Maths  
    Mrs M Aston     Year 5 Progress Leader / Maths / English  
    Miss L Batigan   Leader of Learning PE  
    Miss S Breen   Creative Studies  
   Miss L Broadhurst   English / Computing 
​Mrs BrockCreative Studies​
​Mrs ColeLeader of Learning Maths​
   Mrs Collier   Cover Supervisor 
    Mrs V Cooper   English / Maths  
​Mrs T Dickinson​Humanities / Music
   Mrs J Eardley       English                           
    Mrs J Gallimore   Leader of Learning Maths  
    Mrs E Green   Humanities  
    Mrs A Hall   Humanities / Science  
    Mrs P Handforth   Leader of Learning PHSE  
    Mrs J Ibbotson   Leader of Learning Music  
   Mr R Jervis  Leader of Learning English 
    Mrs L Jeffery   Leader of Learning Computing  
    Mrs S Johnson    Creative Studies  
​Miss H JonesLeader of Learning RE​
    Mr N Jones   Leader of Learning Science  
    Mrs J Lansley   Creative Studies  
    Mrs R Manning   Science  
    Mr M Massey   Maths  
    Miss L Newport   Progress Leader / Maths  
    Mrs S Parker   Modern Foreign Languages  
​Miss L Pointon​​English / Humanities
    Mr J Renshaw   English / Humanities  
    Mr D Rose   Maths  
    Mrs R Rose   Humanities / Lead Practitioner  
    Mr R Salmon  Progress Leader / Leader of Learning PE  
   Mrs E Salmon   English / Modern Foreign Languages / PE  
    Mr J Simm   Progress Leader / LOL Creative Studies  
    Mrs A Simpson  LSC Co-ordinator/English  
    Mrs J Skelding   Leader of Learning Modern Foreign Languages  
    Mr J Skelley   Science  
    Mrs R Smith-Ruscoe   Leader of Learning Humanities  
    Mrs K Stevens  Cover supervisor / Creative Studies  
   Miss H Swinson   Science   
Teaching Assistants   Mrs S Bendall      
    Mrs C Dawson      
    Mrs S Hall      
    Mrs C Hallen      
Mrs A Hatter
    Mrs H Jenkinson     SENCO Admin  
    Miss C Mullroy   HLTA  
    Mrs J Newall      
    Mrs S Strong   Deputy SENCO  
    Mrs M Weaver      
Support Staff   Mrs J Astles   Library/Reprographics  
    Mrs M Baddeley   Finance Assistant  
    Mrs D Birch   Catering Manager  
    Mrs M Braddon   Data Officer  
    Mrs C Broadhurst   Leadership Support Officer  
    Mr K Byatt   Creative Studies Technician  
    Mrs S Casey   School Business Manager  
​Mr C Czapski​IT Apprentice
    Mrs J Duggan   Learning Mentor  
    Mr G Dunn   Site Manager/ Health and Safety Co-ordinator  
    Mrs E Foster   Office Assistant  
    Mr A Goldstraw   Janitor  
    Mrs C Marshall   Withdrawal Room Supervisor  
    Mrs J Walker   Creative Studies Technician  
    Mr L Morgan   Learning Mentor  
Miss S Morgan​Science Technician
Mrs L Mountford​Office Assistant
    Mr B Pearson   System Officer  
    Miss C Potter   Finance Assistant  
    Mr P Price   Site Technician  
    Mr N Vernon   Janitor  
Lunchtime Supervisors
                                   Mrs C Goldstraw      

Mrs R Kwiatkowski

    Mrs A Mellor      
    Mrs R Ochwat      

Mrs A Riley

    Mrs S Shirley      
    Mrs S Spender      

Mrs C Toghill


Mrs L Vernon

  Senior Supervisor  

Mrs S Woolley

    Miss A Ferns      
​Miss A Wood

 Staff are listed by primary teaching subject or primary role and includes full time, part time and employees on maternity leave. 

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