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Realtime Seismic Data

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St Edward’s School Seismometer.

We are a member of the British Geological Surveys (BGS) ‘Seismometers for Schools Project.’   Their project (and ours) is aimed at enthusing pupils in ‘Real Science.’  The School has a real time seismometer stationed in one of the Science Labs. The Seismometer measures tiny vibrations in the earth’s crust.  Should an Earthquake occur anywhere in the world the seismometer records the vibrations created by it as a distortion to the normal trace.  

We were very pleased to learn recently, that the BGS have selected to use our live data as part of a display in the Foyer of their National Headquarters in Nottinghamshire. This is something of an accolade for the school.

To find out more about the project click on the banner above. To find out more about the British Geological Survey click the logo below or click the link to view our page and details of our station at the BGS.

St Edwards Seismic Station on the on BGS

To see a realtime image of our current seismograph trace click the image below, please note the image is delayed by a short period of time.
  St Edwards trace
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