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Nurture Group

The Nurture Group provides a safe and secure environment during lunch-times. It is for those children who may be finding the move to St Edwards a little over-whelming. Or for those children who may be having friendship problems. Nurture is also for those children who are just happier being off the playground during lunch-time.

The Nurture Group at St Edwards is situated in The Den and runs for two lunchtimes per week. We meet at the beginning of lunch-time, eat our lunch and chat about things we have been doing. This helps the children to socialise and make new friends.  

We do circle-time which enables the children to talk about how they feel. It also teaches pupils how to take turns and listen to others. Sometimes we draw, play board games or do a craft activity. We also do a range of other activities, both physical and relaxation. These all help us to develop our skills for learning.

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