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Mission Statement

` At St Edward's we are committed to promoting an inclusive teaching and learning environment. As a church school we wish to affirm the value and significance of every individual child and to provide children with SEN with full access to the National Curriculum. It is our aim to enable these children to achieve their full potential academically, socially and personally, and that they are educated in an atmosphere of care, support and understanding. ` ( Taken from our SEN policy )

In my roles as Assistant Principal and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) I lead a team of enthusiastic and motivated staff, who are qualified and experienced in supporting children with a range of needs including: autism, physical disabilities, social and emotional, hearing impairment, dyslexia and dyspraxia. In collaboration with the staff and outside agencies we strive to meet the learning needs of all children in our care.

We are committed to providing high quality support in and out of the classroom. Wave 1 pupils are those who may need some differentiation within the classroom, to help them access the curriculum more effectively. To this end we have dedicated practitioners who collaborate with the teaching staff and work alongside them in lessons

Our wave 2 pupils need a little more help within the department so, we have curriculum champions who deliver small group work or one to one within the lesson.

For those pupils with a diagnosis of dyspraxia, dyslexia or in receipt of a Statement (now known as an Educational Healthcare Plan) there are wave 3 intervention. Bespoke learning packages delivered on a one-to –one basis by a specialist tutor.

We believe that the parents and carers of our youngsters are very important because they are the real experts when it comes to their child's needs.

We wanted to create a web site that is informative, useful and supportive to parents but at the same time interactive. So, if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the site; or can recommend any resources then please contact me.

Jane Bell
Assistant Principal / SENCO

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