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​Learning Styles

  Learning Styles 

See if you can recognise the learning style of your child, but remember that many children will display aspects of more that one learning style. 

Visual learners are:  

  • Neat.
  • Likely to speak quickly.
  • Able to plan.
  • Good at spelling.
  • Better at remembering what has been seen opposed to what has been heard.
  • Forgetful when it comes to relaying verbal instructions.
  • Happy to read than be read to.
  • Prone to doodling during conversations.

 They will like to learn by :  

  • Looking at words and noticing patterns.
  • Saying or repeating words.
  • Copying or tracing words
  • Cover word and Write from memory and Check at the end.
  • Writing a word in the air or on your back.
  • Writing in large felt tip pens.
  • Post It notes round the house.
  • Flash cards.

 Auditory learners.  

  • Learn by listening opposed to what has been seen.
  • Talk to themselves whilst working.
  • Are easily distracted by noise.
  • Better at telling than writing.
  • Move lips and pronounce words as they read.
  • Love discussions.
  • Can spell better out loud that writing.

 They will like to learn by:  

  • Rhythms and tapping to spellings.
  • Breaking words down into parts.
  • Follow me – you say it, they say it.
  • Saying spellings as a rap.

 Kinaesthetic Learners.  

  • Learn by doing.
  • Want to act things out.
  • Touch people to get attention.
  • Speak slowly.
  • Gesture a lot.
  • Are Restless.
  • May have messy handwriting.
  • Use action words.

 They will like to learn by :  

  • Feeling you spell the words on their backs.
  • Making words with pipe cleaners.
  • Making words with playdough.
  • Mnemonics – make silly sentences. SAID becomes Sad Ants In Dustbins
  • Using different colours.


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