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Ipad Corner

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We think you might be interested in trying this at home!

This year we have been trialling 'IPad Corner` because we realise that working from text books or sheets can be challenging for the less able reader, leaving them disengaged and un-responsive.                

A group of 4 or 5 pupils work on the Ipads for 15 minutes. The benefit of using the Ipads is they are easy to use, visual and practical as well as helping pupils to interact. Pupils look forward to using them again and again. They enhance their literacy skills and consolidate previous knowledge.

The applications we use on the Ipads are:

  • Naughty Pony
  • Hairy words
  • Hairy words 2
  • Endless Reader
  • BBC C beebies Playtime
  • Dyslexia Quest 

If you have an ITunes account these can be downloaded from the ITunes App Store, make sure that you download the App for the IPad.  Some of the Apps may also be available in the Android Store for other tablet devices too.