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Helping Your Child to Read

 book.png Helping Your Child to Read


  • Children love listening to stories as well as reading for themselves.
  • Never worry about reading. Sharing a book is in itself a most valuable experience.
  • Enjoy a regular reading time in a quiet place. Encourage your child to choose what they want to read.
  • Use a finger to follow the words.
  • Talk about what they are reading; what they can see in any pictures and ask questions about what they think may happen.
  • If your child gets stuck on a word, talk about the sounds that make up the word.
  • Try out some paired reading (take turns reading a sentence).
  • Don’t forget to praise.
  • If you are having problems getting your child to read, then try a different book or a different time of day.
  • Talk about the book when you have finished reading.


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