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Help Your Child Develop their Memory Skills

Helping Your Child Develop Memory Skills
1. Auditory memory skills  
  • Clapping a rhythm and making your child copy it.
  • Repeat a story that you have told them in the correct order.
  • Play a game like “I went on my holiday and put into my suitcase.
  • Re-tell a joke.
  • Simon says.
  • Ask your child to name three things found in the kitchen. Build up the number of items.

 2. Visual memory  

  • Spot the difference.
  • Dot to dot.
  • Bingo with pictures or words.
  • Odd man out.
  • Wordsearches (that track left to right only).
  • Kim’s game – where you show your child a set of picture cards and they have to try to recall them after a few minutes of looking at them.
  • Place objects on a tray and ask your child to memorise it. Remove an object without seeing which one, and see if he/she can identify it.
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