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​Food Technology

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Food Technology​        

Food technology is enjoyed by all at St Edward's. With excellent facilities and resources, it is seen as not only a 'building for life skill' but a subject where all pupils have the opportunity to extend their learning through extra curricular activities.

As part of our extra curricular activities, a Food Club is held on a regular basis and pupils should see staff for details of when this club runs.

We also take part in many competitions including:


  • The Rotary Young Chef. 
  • Future Chef. 
  • The Great Staffordshire Picnic. 
  • West Midlands Best Banger. 
  • Make it with Mince.
In recent competitions our pupils have enjoyed great success and we have been awarded the following competition accolades.


  • Winners of 'The Great Staffordshire Picnic'.
  • Winner of Rotary International Intermediate Young Chef 2012
  • Winners of 'West Midlands Best Banger'. 
  • First and third place 'County Rotary Young Chef'. 
  • Second place 'North Staffordshire Future Chef'.

In Year 5 pupils are taught the importance of 'healthy eating' and how this will affect their well being in the future. They also learn basic knife, oven, grill and hob skills. They produce simple dishes such as fruit salad, pasta or cous cous salad, dressings and pizza toast.

In Year 6 pupils research cereals; wheat, maize, barley, rice, rye and oats. They bake Oatie biscuits, Flap jacks and design and make their own cereal bar. Pupils also design and make smoothies as part of their understanding of healthy eating.

The topic for Year 7 is 'Multicultural Foods'. These pupils have the opportunity to build on the skills they have learnt by making more challenging recipes such as stir-fries, bolonese, pizza dough and toppings and chicken curry.

In year 8 the pupils complete three design and make projects. Seasonal soups broaden their knowledge of seasonal foods available at the time of making and designing bread products gives them a greater understanding of the stages of bread production. Pupils also learn the art of pastry making. Some pupils decide to join ‘Food club’ as this gives them the opportunity to enhance their making skills in a fun and relaxing environment.

A newly designed textile project will deliver basic sewing skills.

Pupils also complete a chef project to extend their literacy and independent learning.

In Year 8, a curriculum enrichment option is 'Grow it, Cook it'. Pupils are able to grow their own vegetables and design and make dishes of their choice. They have the opportunity to work with a professional chef and to extend their culinary skills.

We also make visits to;


  • Buxton catering College where pupils have the opportunity to work in a professional kitchen.
  • Local farms.
  • Local allotments.
  • Cottage Delight, a food manufacturer, to see the production of jams and chutneys.
  • Local restaurants.
The School also has two chickens, helping to look after the animals gives the pupils a sense of responsibility and an understanding of where food comes from.  



 One of our Chickens

 The School Quad with produce
from Grow it Cook it



 Visit to the Cottage Delight Factory

Last updated 24/07/2014

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