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Emergency or Weather School Closure

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Emergency School Closure

In adverse weather conditions or, other emergencies, it is our usual policy to send all bus children home early on their buses, and to keep all local children in school until 3.40p.m. However, in some emergencies or in severe weather conditions, we may need to evacuate the whole school early.

Parents, Guardians or those with Parental Responsibility are therefore requested to complete the school closure form to provide the school with their instructions as what to do should an emergency closure arise. The form may be obtained from the school office or downloaded from the Parents' and Guardians' area on our secure site.

In the event of adverse weather a text message will be sent to the mobile phone number of the primary contact for a pupil. A message will also be displayed on the school web page.

We also advise parents to listen to Radio Stoke (94.6FM, 104.1FM) , Signal Radio (102.6FM) or Moorlands Radio (103.7FM) When a decision is made to close the school these radio stations are immediately notified and will make regular announcements on air.

You can also visit the Emergency Closure page on the website here for more information about school closures.