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St Edward's has been associated with the Eco Schools programme since 1996.

Support for, and education about the environment is now built into everyday life and is an essential part of our curriculum to enable our students to become good stewards of our Earth. In our assembly time we use spiritual, practical, and humorous ways to get our message across. Pupils have written assemblies on the theme of caring for the environment and we hope to empower them with both the desire and the capabilities to make a difference to their community and the world at large.

The School has worked hard over the years and was one of the first Middle schools to gain the Eco award on a permanent status. (See Our Eco Code & Environmental Policy).

We now have attitude towards the Environment embedded within our curriculum and part of our everyday practice. The need to conserve resources, both with recycling and reusing and cutting down, has become part of the School culture.

Mrs Cunningham has created an Eco Committe where pupils can help with projects such as the school energy audit and planning energy saving methods. We would hope to have another 'watch your waste' day in the new school year.

On a more practical level, we have Fair Trade sales each term and pupils are encouraged to think, not just about their lives but also the lives of others and what we can do to improve them. We are currently working towards Fair Trade status as part of our further commitment to this cause. There has been a representative from the Fair Trade groups in Leek who has been able to speak to the pupils in assembly .We have taken part in the Send My Friend to School Campaign with pupils sending messages to key politicians.  In the past some of our work with our Kenyan school has been on environmental projects and how we see our local area.

Last Updated 28/09/2014


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