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Course Description

The course consists of 13 lessons which form part of the Creative Studies rotation, which also includes Food Technology and Design & Technology.

Year 5

Pupils develop their observation and recording skills, increasing their understanding of the visual elements.

They explore a wide range of materials and techniques to develop their understanding of line, tone, texture, colour and pattern, in order to communicate their ideas and make images and artefacts. They compare ideas, methods and approaches used in their own work, with those in art from other periods and cultures. They review, adapt and improve their work to realise their intentions. Emphasis is placed on perseverance and planning.

Year 6

Pupils develop their observation and recording skills.

They research independently, collecting and selecting from visual and other information when developing ideas for their work. They combine and organise visual and tactile elements for different purposes and explore simple perspective and proportion. Card printmaking and slab clay-work give them opportunities to refine basic skills (e.g. cutting and sticking) and manipulate materials and processes to communicate their ideas. Emphasis is placed on good craftsmanship.

Year 7

Pupils begin the Art course by producing an assessed drawing of a Still Life group which focuses on developing their understanding of geometric shapes, line, tone and texture. Pupils then begin a sculpture project which encourages an experimental, imaginative and problem solving approach in the production of constructed sculpture. The use of recycled materials is at the heart of the unit. Pupils explore ideas and assess visual and other information including the work of other artists, cultures and times, analysing their methods and approaches. They manipulate materials and processes imaginatively, adapting and refining their work as it progresses. Classwork is supported by a structured set of homework tasks, designed to extend pupils’ visual literacy, increasing their confidence and fluency. Opportunities are given for independent and collaborative work.

Year 8

Pupils improve their observational recording skills and investigate composition, proportion and colour. Time permitting, they also create a 3D piece (either ceramic or mixed media) focusing on form. Sketchbook homework supports classwork, improving visual literacy, extending skills and encouraging independent research and learning. The latter is also promoted by the extended homework task, the Art History Project, which enables pupils to study the work of a major 20th century artist. Pupils discuss and modify their work as it progresses, taking increasing responsibility for its direction and style. Pupils are also encouraged to take creative risks throughout the course.

Artists Workshops


 Visiting Artists are sometimes invited to run workshops in order to broaden pupils’ experience and enhance existing practical skills.  For example, the Card Sculptor Philip Cox ran a whole day Sculpture Workshop with all our Year 7 pupils. His work is based on often comical interpretations of people, which he builds using cardboard and collage materials. The theme was ‘The Nativity’ and they created 5 truly stunning life sized sculpted figures of The Three Kings, an Angel and a Shepherd. Mrs. Mellonchip, our Art technician then created a wonderful Christmas display of the Nativity scene against a backdrop of Bethlehem.   It was a pleasure to work with Philip Cox; it proved to be an experience enjoyed by both pupils and staff alike.  

To see some of the work produced by Year 7 and Philip Cox click here.

The Community Artist Viv Young ran a Poppy making Workshop with our Year 7 pupils. The work produced was lovely (pictured) and was hung, along with other `Poppies` created by Leek  pupils’,  in the Nicholson Gallery on Remembrance Sunday.



 Poppies from Poppy making workshop

Art Trips

Our annual Year 8 trip to the Tate Liverpool and ‘Another Place’  by Anthony Gormley at Crosby Beach helps to broaden pupils’ understanding of our artistic and cultural heritage. We also visited the Tate St. Ives and Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden with Year 6 last year, as part of the Cornwall trip.

Curriculum Enrichment Workshops

This year, our pupils will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative ceramic workshop, thus extending and building on the skills they learn on the Art course.

Art Club

All pupils are welcome to attend a weekly lunchtime Art Club. Recent topics covered have been Aboriginal Art and Olympic Trophy Designs. As well as having the opportunity to participate in different projects, pupils can also use the time to complete or enhance classwork.

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